Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update on the progress of the Good Hope Resource/Medical Center

As many of you know we are working hard to complete the Resource/Medical Center which was initiated by Agatha Marie Mushi some time ago. In typical Tanzania fashion it is going up a few bricks at a time as funds become available.

Here is a visual report on our progress as well as an idea of what remains to be done

July 2008

Baltazar and builder Joaklim Olomi
reviewing MoH floor plans

Josephine and Baltazar inspecting work in progress

Slowly taking shape November 2009

The roof is finally on - June 2010

...and here is what is left to do and what it it will cost.

Remaining cost s for Good Hope Resource/Medical Center

Interior ceilings




Electrical wiring, fixtures etc


Plumbing, fixtures


Interior: plastering, floor


Final finishing


Total – original estimate – July 2009


Increase costs 10% ( estimate)




Labour: %25 of materials


Total remaining costs


Check again to see how we are doing and a listing of the wonderful donors who have helped us get this far!

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